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Example of a Box
Example of Shelves
Example of a Toy Box

Are You a Woodworker?

I've made a hobby of woodworking. Some of my projects have been simple. Some were more challenging. This page provides access to the details of some of those projects.

If you're a woodworker or you would like to try making things from wood, you're welcome to duplicate what you find here. Feel free to copy, download, and use any of the information in this Woodworking section. Customize any of the projects to suit your taste.

What You Will Find Here

  • What you see here is a work in progress. Many projects are available now for your use. Others are being added as time permits.
  • Every project has pictures and descriptions.
  • Some projects are backed up by a SketchUp design. If you don't use SketchUp, a PDF file is also provided that contains the same drawings and dimensions that are contained in the SketchUp file.
  • Some of the projects that you can find here are based on commercially published designs. Links are provided for the original designs.
  • There's a link at the bottom of each page where I can be contacted if you want to build one of these projects but discover that some needed information is missing.

Here's the Plan

The items listed here with active links are available for your use. Take a look! Items without active links are being considered for publication.

MOST RECENT POSTING, 15 August 2018: Router Inlay Basics

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  • Circular Saw Box
  • Dado Blade Box
  • Height Gauge Box
  • Jessem Dowel Jig Box
  • Granite Surface Plate Box
  • Miter Gauge Box
  • Router Box
  • Utility Box - Plywood
  • Utility Box - Sapele