Welcome to the DeWalt DCP580 Planer Box page! • A great way to store the handheld planer and Its accessories • Protect the planer • Easily transport the planer • Download the free plans, pictures, and instructions so you can build your own Planer Storage Box!

Closed Planer Box with All of the Accessories That It Holds
Open Planer Box with All of Its Contents Stowed Inside

The Storage Box provides a convenient way to store, transport, and access all of the components of the DeWalt DCP580 Brushless Planer. All of the planer’s components are stored conveniently, efficiently, and securely in a box that measures 16 3/4” L x 9 1/4” W x 9 9/16” H.

The box protects all of the planer's accessories. Its convenient carrying handle permits easy transport to wherever you're working.

Some of the Box's Features

  • Attractive Dovetail Joinery
  • The Top and Bottom are captured in dados
  • The design ensures that the planer is held securely
  • The Box is assembled as a simple, 6-sided box, and then the top is removed using a table saw
  • Glue: Titebond II or equivalent
  • Finish: Clear shellac (or your choice of finish)

Some Pictures

Looking Down on the Open Box with Everything In It

Top View with All Pieces in Place

All of the items are in place in this view. Most items are in the main part of the box at the right, including the Planer, Blade Guide, Dust Bag, Dust Bag Deflector, and the T-wrench.

One item is stowed in the top of the box at the left. This is the Rabbet Guide. The metal Rabbet Guide is secured by a magnet below the Rabbet Guide that can't be seen here, and by a dado that holds the long shaft.

Top View Showing Structure

Pieces of 1/2" and 1/4" plywood are arranged on the bottom of the box. These form a place for the shoe of the Planer so that the Plane is constricted from moving side to side. The top of the box prevents the Planer from moving vertically.

Looking Down on the Empty Box Showing the Structure on the Bottom
Design Drawing of All Internal Contents Including the Structure on the Bottom

Design Drawing of Internal Pieces

This image shows a page from the design drawing (the SketchUp and PDF files that are part of the downloadable ZIP file.) Details in the design drawing show the size and location of each item.

The Rabbet Guide Mount

The Rabbet Guide is stowed on this block. The rare earth magnet is embedded in the top, held in place with epoxy. The magnet holds the metal plate of the Rabbet Guide. The dado at the bottom secures the long shaft of the Rabbet Guide.

The Empty Rabbet Guide Mount Showing the Embedded Rare Earth Magnet at the Left
The Rabbet Guide Mount with the Rabbet Guide Stowed on It

The Rabbet Guide Stowed on the Mount

The magnet secures the plate. The dado secures the shaft.

Download Free Plans, Pictures, and Instructions

The ZIP file contains Instruction file "INSTRUCTIONS.pdf", pictures, SketchUp design file "Planer_Box_15_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.skp", and PDF design file "Planer_Box_15_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.pdf". The PDF file contains all of the drawings and dimensional information that are in the SKP file for those who don't use SketchUp. The Instruction file also contains links for the handle, pinned loops (they secure the handle to the box,) and the latch hardware:

Click Here for the Downloadable ZIP file (2.63MB): Planer_Box.zip