Welcome to the Napkin Holder page! The Napkin Holder is Designed As an Attractive Addition to Any Home • It Conveniently Holds a Large Supply of Napkins • Download Free Drawings, Instructions, and Pictures to Help You Build Your Own Napkin Holder

View of Empty Napkin Holder
View of Napkin Holder Filled with Napkins

The sides of the Napkin Holder are 10" long by 4 1/4" high. The total width is 7 3/4". It's constructed with 3/8" walnut. You might choose to use a different type of wood but the walnut looks nice under several coats of food-safe clear shellac.

Only four pieces of walnut are used: 2 sides, a back, and a base. The back and base are captured in 1/8" deep by 3/8" wide dados cut into the sides.

All corners are given a nice 1/4" radius. All edges are given a 1/8" round-over.

A 1 1/2" hole on each side give the unit a lighter appearance.

Glue is used to secure the back and base to the sides. No screws or nails are used.

• • •

The free download includes 1-to-1 patterns to facilitate the layout and cutting of the dados in the two sides.

View Showing All Pieces of the Napkin Holder

Download Free Plans, Pictures, and Instructions

The ZIP file contains all of the pictures, INSTRUCTIONS_Napkin_Holder.pdf file, SketchUp design file Napkin_Holder_14_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.skp, and PDF design file Napkin_Holder_14_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.pdf. BE SURE TO READ THE "INSTRUCTIONS_Napkin_Holder.PDF" FILE that's included in the ZIP file.

Click Here for the Downloadable ZIP file (4.24MB): Napkin_Holder.zip