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The bits and pieces used to construct this Web site were found in various places. Out of fairness to the sources and as a possible aid to others who might like what they see here, the sources of all non-original material are listed.
Link Details Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 is the Web authoring tool used to build this site. Dreamweaver is touted as a very powerful, professional package. I use it in very fundamental ways and cannot yet vouch for its capability. Therefore, any poor aspects of this site should be blamed on me, not Macromedia. FileZilla Client was the FTP client used to initially upload the Web site. It is a simple, effective tool. However, proper use of Dreamweaver can manage the uploaded files without resorting to a separate FTP client like FileZilla Client. AAA Buttons is the source of the buttons. This is a simple, useful site that provides buttons at no cost. CorelDraw 9 clipart disk is the source for all the bird pictures on the Home Page.
? The B-17F drawing on the Home Page has been in my possession for a long time. I've lost track of the source of this image. If anyone thinks he or she knows the source, please send me an e-mail. The Prison Camps map was obtained through the generosity of the American Airpower Heritage Museum, Inc.

Missing Air Crew Report 1133 (MACR 1133) was obtained from this address:

National Archives
Suitland Reference Branch (NNRR)
Washington, D.C. 20409 The hit counter is provided by the referent Web site. It's useful. It works. Unfortunately, the site name reference is somewhat intrusive.
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